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Friday, 17 June 2011

My lists are still growing and I am working my way through them and at 4.20 is when I finally get round to writing my blog.
I have watched the day become more and more dismal the longer it wore on. It's days like today that make me glad to work inside.
The persistent greyness combined with the deluge of ever falling rain can only signal two things. The weekend is here and say hello to british summertime.
I have passed my Fire Safety test thingy with flying colours. Well almost, I need fire extinguishers which I am on the case about. 
I have been helping my friend set up her blog this afternoon and I have to say mine was way easier to do. I think it helps that I have a monochrome palette to play with that echoes the colour of the gallery.  No clashing colours any where.
As it is nearly home time I'm going to keep it short but promise to fill you in on the more exciting things that didn't happen today! Tomorrow!
The picture I have used today is of my bird skull collection using an iPhone app called Word Foto. I love it. When I was a child I used to produce these laborious drawings that would mean using the names of things to create  an overall image. I suppose you could say that there were early signs of my OCD tendencies. Armed with my Berol Fine felt tips I was developing a style that I have now been able to revisit in an almost lazy way comparatively. 
Back here in the morning, hoping for some better weather for all of you lucky enough to be able to enjoy it. 

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