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Monday, 13 June 2011

Never Give Up On A Good Thing! Remember What Makes You Happy

I realized on Saturday evening that I had not written my blog. I was horrified, momentarily, it soon passed when I admitted to myself that when you are extraordinarily busy something has got to give. I have mentioned before that I am a terrible control freak. It's just a fact that I have had to live with. Rest assured I do not mean that I want to control people (Well not much anyway). I just like to be on top of everything that I have to do. I am not a good delegator as I live by the old adage that if you want a job doing properly.........
I have been relying on someone else to do all of my printing. This has not sat well with my control issues. So much so that on Saturday I spent some of my hard earned wages on buying my own printer. I need to be able to get all of that done as early as possible so that on the days that I have Private Views I am not having to cobble together labels as they were forgotten.
It was a very successful Private View attendance wise. Unfortunately, no sales yet. But I think the work is outstanding. I am happy to show work of such a high calibre in my gallery.
I'm guessing that you want to know how my work was received? Very well actually, I was accused of hiding my light under a bushel. I was never hiding anything just biding my time. I have got a lot more to do on my new body of work. It is very different from the work in this current show.
Today is going to be about doing all of my admin. I am also hoping to finish my drawing which I started ages ago.
So you didn't make it to the Private View but that is absolutely no excuse for you not to come and see this show. I hope that you can come and see it soon.

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