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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Last Chance Saloon

It would seem that the sun has been keeping people otherwise occupied and I can't say that I blame them. It is so important to fully take advantage of any good weather we are lucky to have as we never know how long it will last.
I have been having a good clear out as for the next show there will be work in the studio as well as in the gallery. This will give me the opportunity to give everybody a chance to show their work. I like to think the more people that get involved in the exhibition the more it will encourage them to create more work in the future. It will also get a variety of different visitors through the door.
It has been an interesting day I started writing this blog quite a while ago and since I started there have been plenty of people through door so this has taken me quite a long time to write.
Sun kissed people are making their way through the door and seem to be enjoying the work on show. That is always a good thing.
I need to tell you that the show will actually be coming down at 4pm tomorrow so if you are planning to come and have a look on Sunday I will be open from 12.00 - 4.00. 
I understand that the weather is going to be on the turn from tomorrow which is typical. The fact that next week I will actually have a bit of time away from the gallery.
I am learning to embrace the changes in my new business owners life. Slowly but surely I am acclimatizing myself.
The good news is..........................................I just sold another painting. That makes everything ok in my world.
So that's it from me for today.

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