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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Precipitation On A Sunday

And then it rained! I know how grammatically incorrect it is to start a sentence with and but I felt that as I write every single day there must be some kind of artistic/poetic license allowed. The first thing I want to share with you today is that as I got out the car my pessimist monkey whispered in my ear 'I don't know why you're bothering to open, you'll get no-one through the door'. Well it just goes to show that you should always remain optimistic. I've already had 10 people through the door.
I know that recently I have been telling you about the fact that I am doing a lot of my own work at the moment. Well, as well as using the good old fashioned techniques I have been exploring various iPad drawing apps. I want to say straight away that I am quite a puritan and will always revert back to type (pencil and paper). But and it is a big but, the freedom of using your finger as a drawing tool is very seductive. The ability to record yourself drawing is also very interesting and that's not mention being able to save your drawing and then reloading it and working back into it safe in the knowledge that your original is safely stored away.
I have been thinking recently what the great masters would make of this technology. I have a feeling that if we think they were prolific back then they would be ten times as productive.
Nothing will ever replace the hands on experience of producing a painting or making a print but to be able to visualize your ideas quickly and develop them in many different ways effectively is enormously rewarding.
There is also something about the power of the finger. The fluid nature of the way you actually use it to make marks is brilliant.
Anyway, if you have an iPad I suggest the app Sketch Club it's 59p and it's so simple to use. If you don't love it I'll be surprised.
Last day of  Jim Hunters' show today. It has been a huge success. If you didn't get a chance to see it that really is a shame.
New exhibition the Abstract Open starts next Saturday so try and see that one if you can. A very eclectic mix of artists working in an abstract way.

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