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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Don't Walk On By

Ok, so I wrote my blog yesterday and I told you how well my day started yesterday. It would seem that you all seemed to enjoy it as I had my highest ever amount of page views. 148, I am so impressed. Thank you all and to all of you who shared I am very grateful.
I sold a painting yesterday!!!!!! It was 'Walk To The Chapel' by Margaret Lawton. I featured it in my blog about a month ago. It is my favourite piece, so I think the lady that bought it has impeccable taste.
I am constantly learning about peoples aversion to walking through open doors. I get the chance to people watch virtually all day and it is very informative. Couples are by far the most interesting.
One, (and this is a genderless observation) will walk in and have look round whilst the other hovers in the door way refusing really to engage at all, therefore hurrying the interested one into leaving.
Then there's the couple who come in and realize they've made a mistake for whatever reason. That scowl at me for acknowledging their presence just before they turn around and leave.
You have the immediate greeters who walk in saying hello, head straight for the price list then entertain themselves with the art and asking me all kinds of challenging but relevant questions. They usually stay for 10 minutes plus.
Solo visitors are a mixed bag, a combination of shy, chatty and sharp exits.
Groups are usually a combination of all of the above.
I welcome them all as any visitor to the gallery is a bonus as far as I am concerned.
My particular favourites though are those who come in and ask if I mend bikes, even though it looks like a gallery. You've got to to love them. I had a lady on the doorstep when I arrived this morning saying that she couldn't believe that I was closed. So I apologized, unlocked and let her in, it was at this point she realized that she wanted Purbeck Valet.
Never a dull moment.I best get on and do something more constructive otherwise I will never get my new body of work finished and that will mean not having my own show.
You know what to do.

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