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Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday! Monday!

I would like to thank the idiot who decided it would be a good idea to post an entire sandwich through my letterbox. It's a good job that I have CCTV and can send footage directly to the Cop Shop.
Blame British Telecom! (Not for sandwich posting). I know I do. For some reason my internet connection at the gallery has decided that it is going to become a bit more like my connection at home. Fairly useless, this is why there was an absence of blog on Saturday as try as I might I couldn't get connected.
That being said I was also fairly busy as I has a whole new show to put up and then organize the Private View for. It was a successful evening and quite a good turn out considering the weather was stunning. I fully appreciate that people want to be outside enjoying the sun.
I reveling in a morning of extreme organization. What's funny is that there are definitely peaks and troughs in my levels of sortedness (sic). I've debunked my desk top made numerous new folders whilst deleting others. Emptied out my inbox, printed out replacement leaflets etc. After every peak must come a trough so now I feel that I deserve a little break.
This is the quietest monday in the last six weeks. Not one person through the door yet and I've been open since 10.30. Let's hope it picks up this afternoon.
I think I  may have come up with the perfect solution to allow me to have a week off this summer. I'll let you know more once I've floated the idea to my think tank.
I hope that you have all been enjoying this summer weather. Yesterday was the first time I have actually spent the day in the sun. It was glorious.
Living by the sea in the summertime is a reminder that it is good to live here and how lucky I am. The sea was crystal clear and truly breathtaking.
I bought myself a long wetsuit yesterday as I am sick of not indulging my passion for all things underwater.  I cannot wait to get in it and get swimming again. The water in England is prohibitively cold even in the height of the summer.
I feel something creative calling me.

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