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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Oooh Pretty Fireworks!!

Ok, a really late blog today and that is purely due to the fact that I was feeling very uninspired earlier but I have overcome my lethargy and have decided to write one now.
I have popped into the gallery on my way to the first night of Swanage Carnival. I have told you all about the fun that is the carnival. Well it kicks off tonight.
Having usually worked in Poole and not really knowing many local people I have to say that I have never been too involved in the whole build up to carnival. This year however I have been far more involved and so many of my friends have actually taken the whole week off work. I know that they will be annoying me at the gallery as they go off to enjoy themselves and rub my nose in the fact that I will be working.
As I read this back I realize that for some reason that today punctuation is absolutely not my friend.
Today has been busy with a steady flow of people coming in throughout the day.
I am going to open tomorrow from 12-3 as I'm guessing that Swanage might be busy.
In the past I have moaned abouth amount of window smudging that goes on. Nothing could have prepared me for 'What's Not My Line'. Wow, in the space of just a few hours the amount of smudges was impressive. They really were everywhere.
Anyway Carnival Club awaits me. I hope that you can find the time to come and join in as there really are loads of things to do and most of them are either free or very reasonably priced.
If you would like to you can join my Facebook page 'L'Artishe Gallery and Studio' or the group 'Friends of L'Artishe Gallery and Studio. It helps to spread the word to a broader audience.
Hope that you are having a great weekend.

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