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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sale Of The Century

I know I only told you this a couple of days ago but it has suddenly gone absolutely ridiculous. I have had over 200 page views today and guess what they are all looking at? You know already don't you? The word 'tragic' springs to mind. Seriously, I wish that I could see the disappointment on their faces when they realize what they are looking at is a bout as sexy as reading the weather forecast.
I arrived at the gallery today to find that the window smudgers had been out in force in my absence. Every single pane of glass (I wanted to do a deliberate misspelling there 'pain') bore witness to hands and faces being pressed up against them. They were also covered in the dirty splashes that wet roads kick up. Lovely!
It's all shiny again out there. My thanks goes out to Windowlene and the sun!
I spent my day off looking after a friend who had the most disastrous tummy bug. I will freely admit I am a rubbish nurse because I am far too squeamish and all bodily fluids repulse me. I did my best. I cannot be the judge of exactly how good that actually is.
Good news, I sold a painting today. The first one of this new show. That is always a good sign. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You should come and see it because it is really good. It's free to look.
I had a nice visit from the ladies that do ceramics. They are hiring the gallery for the last two weeks of October. It should be a good little show. A completely ceramic based exhibition, so if 3D is your thing come along. I hope to have a completely glass one next year.
If someone has a magic word or spell that can make artists reply to their emails please can you let me know it. They are notoriously bad at it, which is usually fine but when you are trying to book in people for workshops it is a bit of a disaster.
I sometimes get the feeling that I am a bit too uptight to qualify as an artist. I check my emails religiously and respond accordingly. I am punctual and organized and all of these are qualities I keep being told that artists do not possess.
Please feel free to add to the debate. I really like it when people take the time to comment. Thanks Willie! I cannot quite believe that it is 3.00 but I am also very glad that it is.
I'll be back tomorrow if a certain stomach bug doesn't attack me which I'm starting to think that it might.
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  1. Really good post Sharon. Sorry about your friends illness.

  2. congrats on the sale lovely, hope your friend gets well soon....shall we be seeing you or your friend at friday club? xx rozy