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Friday, 15 July 2011

Where Have All The People Gone? Long Time Passing.

I took this picture and I want to take some more!
It has been a weirdly quiet week. The quietest it's been in months. I DO NOT LIKE IT! The sun has been out a bit so I'm guessing that the masses are heading for the beautiful beaches in Swanage. Lucky them. The more people through the door generally means the quicker the day goes. I make myself busy with other things because that is what I do. I am rearing to go for tomorrows workshop I have spent time rearranging the studio. I am still babysitting the work of a few artists and I am hoping that they come and pick it up soon as I have no room for it. I'll have start charging them storage space fees.
If you could win prizes for staring into space I would like to enter myself for those competitions. I have become semi professional at it of late. It's not that I haven't got enough to do because I really do. I blame the Astrology. It has been preordained that I am going to live a life of incessant daydreaming, and that I will spend more time with my head in the clouds than with my feet on the ground. I've told you before that I don't really buy into all that stuff but there are definitely certain things that ring true.
It is looking like my fortnight away is going to be whittled down to a week away. I just really want to go swimming in the nice warm sea. Do you think I could Jim to fix it for me? I wish.
I'm tempted to return to Egypt because the Red Sea is so fantastic. But the truth is I'm not sure whether I can be bothered with the stomach troubles it brings with it.
As always I hope that you have got something really good to do this weekend that is not too weather dependent. Have fun and wish me luck for my workshop!

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