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Monday, 25 July 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends (In India)

I told you that the Indian contingent had gone away and that the blog which has had the most page views had slumped in the ratings. I was wrong they came back with a vengeance yesterday. I am totally uncertain about what and how that happens. I generally don't post a blog on a Sunday so I have no idea how it registers on  their radar!
I have been happy with the amount of page views I get until I read that there are bloggers who get up to 500,000 a day. Wow! I suppose a little ol' gallery in Swanage  is not exactly going to get that kind of traffic. Unless I start to expose the dark under belly of the Purbecks. Spill all the gossip and scandal. I suppose that might generate a couple more page views.
Or I could just use my blog top keep people informed about what is happening and when so that they can book dates into their diaries and plan to visit the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.
Fist things first, The Swanage Carnival starts next weekend and whilst it is no Notting Hill it is definitely worth a trip over the water. There are fireworks, bands, stalls and loads of family based activities to get involved with. The fantastic procession on Sunday afternoon is great to watch. All the galleries will be open as well so you can have a good browse before that starts. (Hint, Hint).

I will be part of the 'What's Not My Line' Competition this year so I hope that to see lots of people looking in the gallery window trying to spot the thing that I do not normally sell. I wonder if anyone would get it if I just put a really bad painting in the window? A bit too tenuous I guess. I will not be telling anyone that knows me the answer so don't even bother asking.
I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine. I'm freezing, got the heater on full blast. I really must sort my heating.
That's what happens when you do not live on the sunny side of the street.
I should tell you that your chances to see the very talented Maria Jirats exhibition are slipping away. Please come and check it out, I'd love to see you.

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