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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Packed Full Of Goodness!

Piers Rawson
It is always nice to meet the artists, well nearly always nice. Today was no exception, the photographer Piers Rawson came to have a chat about his exhibition in November. He has some truly beautiful images.

I am really selective about photography exhibitions as I am seldom moved by it. I like it well enough but there's so much mediocre stuff out there. That being said, I cannot wait to curate this exhibition. It strikes a chord with me and I am fairly certain that it will with you too.

I have finished my current bout of website tweaking. It has to be done when you are in the right head space or else the desire to smash your computer is overwhelming.

On to my next big thing, Brian Rice is my next big thing. He is my guest artist for the PAW Festival, I am very honoured to be showing his work.

Every year, I have the good fortune to work with some really great artists as part of my association with PAW. This year I have invited my own guest artist.

This will mark my third and final year of having an artist for PAW, for a while anyway. I will be hosting an exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks next year.

That was such a great segue way into my next thing that I want to share with you. I know that we all like to have something good to do in our leisure time and I have an event that I would like to share with you. I hope that you will think about attending at least one of the events, as it is important to support the local art groups as there is now very little funding available from anywhere. So to get anything happening takes so much work behind the scenes you would not believe.

So here it is, and I will be attending the event on the Saturday and I hope to see you there too.

I have somt time next week for workshops so if you would like to come and learn a new skill then you know where to find me.

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