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Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Power of 'Sharing'

Yesterday, I asked people to share a flyer for an event that takes place on Saturday and I am pleased to say that they really helped me out. Nearly 800 people have seen then event advertised on the gallery FB page.
I would like to get all the artists and galleries involved. Imagine how many people we could reach if we all shared each others events. I consider this a work in progress. Feel free to help out when you can.
It can only help improve attendance and awareness of what is going on both locally and nationally. Let's face it the arts need all the help they can get. Wouldn't it be nice to know that just by pressing 'share' you could help out?

I think that I may have given the impression that I am going to stop blogging. I am not! Admittedly, it has been a bit patchy of late but that's due to being busy and sometimes just not having anything to say.
I actually really enjoy writing my blog and what is better, is that I have got a perfect record of events and happenings since before the gallery even opened.

I do look back sometimes and read what I wrote and there are some very funny observations. But I also will readily admit that I have reigned myself in a bit since the early days. I was quite free and easy with my content until I realised that people were actually reading it. Then my internal censor was put on red alert.

Time for a question as well as an answer. Do you think that you should visibly date your work? Obviously, this aimed at artists. I am conflicted about this because, I have a very good idea of when I produced what. It would inform potential buyers of when it was made. Do dates increase the value of work? I kind of know that there is a point to it, but I have to say that I don't do it. I should also note  that it is quite easy to tell the difference between my old work and my new work.
Of late especially as many of my new pieces are embossed I don't even sign them. I do on the back of the frame.

What are your thoughts?

Plenty of visitors to the Brian Rice exhibition, which is good but I am yet to be rewarded by any deep pocketed, long armed people. That's my cryptic message. It is a really good show spanning several decades. Original prints start at £100 and go up considerably, but definitely something for everyone.

Another great art event to get involved with , I will be there myself on Saturday.

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