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Monday, 20 June 2011

Tell You Why I Don't Like Mondays!

I am safe in the knowledge that no-one really likes Monday mornings. I have 10 reasons not to like it today and I'm going to share them with you. These things all happened before I set foot in the gallery.
1. I couldn't sleep last night. I finally went to sleep at 3.00 am. Only to be woken up by a cat at 3.20.
2. This morning when I thought that I could at least have a lie in, a different cat decided that she would behave like there was someone about to kill her so her need to be inside the bedroom was so great that she proceeded to scrabble, hurl herself at the door and howl for 20 minutes from 7.30 until 7.50. She was hungry.
3. I started to get up and get breakfasted when I realize there is insufficient milk for cereal and no bread for toast. Too tired to consider other options.
4. I go back to bed to drink my coffee that used up the last of the milk and try to read the newspaper but another cat is intent on sitting in the middle of it having already trodden all over it with wet feet.
5. I wondered into the kitchen whilst cleaning my teeth to see the same cat that made it impossible to read the newspaper skulking off down the garden with a bird in his mouth. I put my toothbrush down and go outside intent on rescuing the bird. The cat had other ideas. He growled and ran and I sliced myself open on the brambles of my O.V.N garden. All the time with a mouth full of toothpaste which I for some reason didn't spit out.
6. When I did eventually spit it out, a gust of wind ensured that I looked like I had been the victim of a dive by sh***ing by a bird.
7. I go inside knowing that I had failed in my rescue attempt. So I finish cleaning my teeth, de-toothpaste spit myself and leave for work. Thinking I'd stop and get some milk on the way. Whilst getting ready I had tucked my wallet into my jeans pocket. So where was it now that I needed it? In the garden of course. So back home I go to find my wallet, to find it nestling just beyond the vicious bramble that had already drawn blood earlier.
8. No time for buying milk now I'm late opening the gallery.
9. Park my car and somehow when walking round it manage to walk shin first into it. Ouch!
10. This technically happened when I walked into the gallery. There is a picture in this show which does not want to stay attached to the mount board it is displayed on. I have to re stick it at least once a day. I have used all manner of things to try and make it stay put. On Saturday I thought I has suitably reinforced it so that it would never fall down again. I was wrong.
As you can see that was not a particularly good way to start the morning. I fear the return of my gormless state due to lack of sleep.
On a more positive note please think about putting some work into the Colour Open. I think it should be a good opportunity to develop some new work with a theme in mind.
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1 comment:

  1. Ha!.....Lovely.....! :).
    I can't think of anything better than to be woken up....in the morn'in by a pussy-cat....Well, a cat anyway.....!
    And, one who reads newspapers too.....
    Love'em....Love'em.....Love'em......! :0).

    Dogs Have Owners.....Cats Have Staff.....!