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Thursday, 27 January 2011

And I'm Still Waiting..............

I will start with an apology for lack of blog yesterday. If I could give you three guesses as to why I didn't post one.....I'm sure many of you would be shouting at your computer screen "No Broadband connection!". Without using up your other two guesses and you would be right. I am sat here waiting for the BT engineer who I was told would come as early as possible as I politely informed BT that I am a business owner and I need to open my gallery. If you're wondering, yes it did feel good to say it and it feels even better to be it.
I did minimal admin yesterday due to the afore mentioned problem. It seems to be working today but that does not mean that it will continue working throughout the day. It may not even last until the end of this blog!
I have been going through my own work and I am starting to get excited about the prospect of my own show. It will be a retrospective covering the last twenty years that I have been a printmaker. All I can say is expect frivolity with a healthy splash of intense.
It is actually time for me to think about heading to the gallery but as yet there is no sign of the BT engineer. I'm not entirely sure what to do as I don't want the opening times on my front door to make a liar out of me.  But I am also desperate to get it sorted as my business depends on me having access both at work and at home.
I would like to urge any local artists to get in touch so that we can look at perhaps putting your work in the gallery. Go on, take a chance, make an exhibition of yourself!!!
I may be back later if I have news and if I have Internet connection. Have a good day!

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