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Friday, 28 January 2011

Pictures....Better Late Than Never!

I would have written a second blog yesterday but my Internet connection has been up and down more times than a person with bipolar disorder, OCD on an escalator. I hope that you get the picture. After they fixed it (eventually) it promptly broke again. So I'm writing this at the gallery where I hope to be able to upload the pictures from Saturday night.
Me giving Matt his Thank You present!
Here goes nothing!

Well as always there has to be something that doesn't work and today it would seem that it's PSD picture files. So I could only upload a few pictures. I will get Murray on the case to convert them back to jpegs.
I'm being interviewed this afternoon by a new magazine called Purbeck for their art section which is quite exciting.
Until then I am going to work my way through my 179th To Do list. Which will include adding a page to my blog about upcoming events and dates for workshops. Keep your eyes peeled, well at least open.

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