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Monday, 24 January 2011

Oh What A Night!!

I'm back, just about recovered from the Launch Party. My very generous friends bought me champagne which I drank with gay abandon. (After the Watershed of 9pm when all my potential clients had gone (ish). Although I should probably mention here that I made four sales and one of them was at 1.30am. It's amazing what a few glasses of wine will achieve. It was great!! So those of you who couldn't make it want details. It started at 6pm and by 6.30 it was absolutely heaving. I had spent the whole day cooking and preparing the canapes, so let's just say I was slightly tired. But so high on adrenaline I think I came down at about 5am. The feedback was lovely and very positive I'm glad to say it seems to be a hit in terms of the refurb. I have had a lot of initial interest about workshops so fingers crossed someone will book in soon and I can get going. I have got pictures but my troublesome broadband is still troublesome as soon as I have written this I will be getting on to BT AGAIN!!!
The Launch Party validated every decision that I have made in the past six months and I am glad that I gave up my old job for my new one. If you're reading this and contemplating a change in direction, do your homework and see if you can make your dream become your reality. Money is just paper and metal, happiness is a cigar called Hamlet. Just kidding, it's priceless.
I would like to thank all my new readers for their lovely comments about both my blog and the gallery. It was nice to meet you.
I would also like to thank everyone who helped out on Saturday night, Liz Nash, Lisa Bate, Matt Suttle (of course), Simon Rogers, Simon Creed, Magic Mike, Murray for documenting the event, Michelle Nash and Mike Bonfield for doing a lovely job of my windows. If I've missed you out and you helped thank you very much.
I very much hope that I will be able to supply you with some pictures very soon as I know you will be keen to see it finished in all it's glory.
I had 12 visitors to the gallery today, but as at least 1/3 shops in Swanage were closed it was very quiet in town so I'm not worried. Tomorrow I will start to produce some of my own art and get myself in the productive/creative zone so that I can have my own show later on this year.

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