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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Pain in My Left Arm and Also My Right!

In my exhausted state yesterday I managed to forget to mention the heart attack inducing event that happened on my arrival to the gallery. Since having taken over the premises all my mail is either for Bikeabout or bills. Yesterday was no exception. Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning will know all about my ongoing saga regarding my electricity suppliers. Well yesterday they outdid themselves. They sent me a bill for two months worth of electricity and I wish I could have an interactive guessometer right now. So you could play along and try and guess how much they were charging me. Bare in mind that I was pretty much closed for at least three weeks of that two months.
Well as I know you can't play along, £599.99 was the bill that I received in the post. Yes you have read it right. So I obviously got on the phone and tried to sort it out. They asked for a meter reading which I duly gave. An hour later they phoned back saying that my reading was incorrect as it was lower than my opening meter reading. Go figure! What a bunch of total idiots. I toned that down considerably as I don't want to offend any of you. She suggested that I pay and that they will refund me if necessary. What a bunch of jokers. If I had £600 lying around would I keep bemoaning the fact that I'm totally skint.
That was plenty enough rant for one day I think don't you?
On a more positive note today I worked crazy hard, only stopping to take a slug of flat Pepsi. Oh, the life I lead I can see your green from here. Remember envy is one of the seven deadly ones.
I painted the front doors inside and out, then the 3d stage, then touched up the walls. They were very appreciative of the attention. I dusted and hoovered and dumped a whole heap of stuff. The gallery is very nearly ready for the opening. A few little tidying up jobs to do tomorrow. Then doing all the paperwork and starting on preparing my canapes.
Another busy one so I'm going to go now. For those of you expecting a video I apologise but I forgot my video camera at home and I was far too busy to come back home to get it. It's already in my bag for tomorrow.

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