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Saturday, 29 January 2011

One Week In Exactly!

There are all kinds of things that go through your mind when you are sat door watching. Part of you wants people to walk through the door whilst the other part of you thinks that means being sociable. I am fighting a constant battle and you will all be pleased to know that on the whole my sociable side is winning.
I am also successfully fighting the urge to gossip. It's truly hard, loose lips do indeed sink ships!
I've had an interesting day so far plenty of visitors and lots of chatting. There are some really interesting people in Swanage and I'm very glad to have made their acquaintance.
I have to say working on a Saturday is really not what I had in mind though. You try telling a body that has been programmed to 'lie in' until silly o'clock on a Saturday that it not only has to get up but then has to go to work. I'm sure if I had multiple personalities there could actually have been a mutiny and my sullen, moody personality would be at the gallery instead of me!
I will endeavor to make the most of my lie in tomorrow. Roll on the summer is what I say so that we can leave this freezing, grey miserable existence firmly in the past.
I am going to attempt to do some work so I can guarantee that as soon as I start the door will go.
But I am going to have a little brag, if you will indulge me. I had 127 page views yesterday my most ever so I thank you for that. I also have slammed past 6,000 page views. I am so impressed that you all read me still. Long may you continue is all that I'll  say.
I can't actually believe that this time last week I had butterflies in my stomach, I was elbow deep in canapes and excitement. How time flies. Those of you that made it,  if you're wondering I would love to do it again this week. Apparently one Launch Party is about as many as you can have, shame. I'll have to organize my own show then I can have another big party.
Have a great weekend!

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