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Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Countdown To Sheila Is On

Apparently, a cat can have an abscess the size of a golf ball and still hunt. So I found out after seeing the vet yesterday. I told you some time ago that my cats are all being actively bullied, well cat bites are horrible and get nasty very quickly. So that is the end of that £100 later and a very grumpy shaved cat later, all is on the mend.
I got some bad news today, my car which has been poorly for a while is dead. Cost too much to fix it and would be throwing money away apparently. I am gutted as I really love my car but if it's not safe to drive then it really is time to part company.
On a more positive note the gallery has been really busy today, no sales but lots of positive comments.
I am going to say it again, this is a great little exhibition and you should see it as it will be finishing on Monday.
Then it is time to gear up and get the gallery ready for Sheila Girlings show, I am so excited about it I cannot wait.

I am going to have to indulge in some serious cleaning before now and then as I predict that the gallery will be getting lots of visitors. My studio is in a state of disarray.
I have already sanded and painted the front doors as they were looking a bit tired. Just all the walls that need filling and sanding then painting etc.
I love my job. No I really do.

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