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Saturday, 5 May 2012

From A Great Height

I've told you before about the fact that I frequently sign emails Shaton by mistake obviously but it does always make me smile. There are few frequent spell check faux pas that are worthy of a chuckle.
My favourite is Word will not recognize Purbeck it would rather write 'pubic' which makes for uncomfortable reading when you are writing about the Pubic Arts Weeks.
Yesterday I was uninspired therefore there was no blog. I know that people like to read daily what I have been up to but trust me there are days that it really isn't that interesting.
I went to the opening of the Gallery at 41 in Corfe. It is compact and very tastefully  put together and filled with beautiful art work from local artists. My personal favourite were three small semi abstract landscapes by Judy Tate. I liked them so much that I had to email her this morning to tell her so.
If you are into more traditional art then you should definitely make a point of visiting the gallery next time that you are in Corfe.
This town is a dust bowl this afternoon. That might largely due to the fact that is blooming freezing. I walked to work today and I thought that I would wear the same jacket as I have been all week. That was my first mistake. Oh well, at least it is not snowing.
I will be open until 7.00 tonight if you fancy popping in.
Opening Sunday and Monday 12.00 ~ 4.00. See you then if you haven't gone back into hibernation by then.

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