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Monday, 14 May 2012

Get On My Facebook!

What an amazing Private View!! It was very busy and there were plenty of sales. Another month with food on the table. I have had several comments about this exhibition and I thought you might like to hear them.
Many of the visitors to the gallery think that this show has a really good mix of abstract and figurative work. The scale of the work is very accessible in terms of it being easily accommodated into the average home.
Now you don't have to take my word for it, you could make the journey and come and see it for yourself.
There are always things that make me smile, and one of them is that at a Private View I obviously serve red wine and white wine, orange juice still and sparkling water. So part of my PV duties are to offer people drinks. The amount of people who ask for a dry white wine is hilarious, like a buy an assortment. The choice is red or white. What I will say is that I never buy absolute rubbish. It's always good quality though.
I am so glad that I took the executive decision not to open yesterday. I just wanted to spend one day that was not inside. I was 100% successful. I did the coastal path walk and it was amazing. Brilliant sunshine, loads to look at and saw some good friends. I am even more glad now that the weather has resorted to its recent poor standard.
Yet another walk to work in the rain.
I have updated the gallery Facebook page. It is actually a bit of a pain as for some reason there are two. It says if I delete one it will delete the other as well. Which is rubbish. Please can you like for me as the more that I have the more that I want.

I am less than 300 page views away from 50,000 so if you like to read about my exploits can I please ask that you consider sharing me with all of your friends via Facebook.

I promise to tell lots of stories about all the gallery weirdos and absolutely everything funny that happens to me. Like this, I have just been the victim of a dive by pooping! My gallery windows have decorated by some lovely white pigeon poo.

Some excellent exhibitions in the pipeline for next year. If you are thinking about showing with me then you need to get a shuffle on as the choice slots are going fast.

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