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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Two Days In, Steady Traffic!

You should see this painting for yourself  as it is breathtaking

It is important that the sun does not completely abandon us before the long weekend. There are threats of rain and chilly weather. I think that we should really use our combined powers to make the weather god/goddess ensure the sun stays with us.
It has been steady at the gallery for the last couple of days and I am happy to say that many people have been clutching the PAW and DAW brochures. That means that they are working.
The truth is that people will more willingly walk through an open door. What I would like to know is why crane your neck through it to try and see what is on the wall when you could take no more that three steps and look at it properly?
I will endeavor to invite people through the door but they run away like frightened rabbits.
There is an Ali G phrase that I could use here and if you know it then you will be smiling to yourselves right about now.
I have got it in my head that I would like to do some of my own work today but I am also feeling not very motivated. I am going to boost my energy levels with a third cup of coffee and see what I can achieve.
I will let you know tomorrow how I got on.

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