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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sunshine and No Showers

Well I have had some feedback about the questions raised in yesterdays blog and it would seem that many of you agree. The title is secondary. What can we debate today? I'm not sure that I need to think about anything in that much depth today.
I have had many people in the gallery today and they all wanted to have a conversation with me which has meant that I am a little late in getting down to the work that I need to do.
It is always nice to spend the day talking about art though.
I have been continuing to develop this new body of work I keep going on about and I am really happy with the way things are going.
It is nice having something to work towards. I'm not entirely sure when I will exhibit it but rest assured you'll be amongst the first to know. Be prepared for it to be quite unlike anything I have done before.
Keeping it short today as I really do have to get on and get things done.
We are entering the last few days of the Spring Exhibition and it would be good to see a few more faces through the door.

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