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Monday, 6 February 2012

Back To Front (The Gallery)

My back has the front to feel much better today. It obviously had a plan that I wasn't aware of, and that involved getting better in time for the weekend to be well and truly over.
It's just as well as I have a really busy week ahead. I have been the Queen of The Email today. Do you ever have days where you can see exactly what needs to be done and you manage to get on the case and be super efficient? When at other times you just seem to be wading through a mist of indecision with a distinct lack of direction. I am more often the latter than the former.
Not today, I have sent a ton of emails to which I imagine I will get a mere smattering of responses. I have written things down that I have done today on the corresponding page in my diary so that I know when I sent what. For me, that so transcends my normal level of organisation it's not even funny.
I have had such positive feedback about my work it is very encouraging. I think if I can get through all of my gallery choredom in a realistic time frame I will book my own show for next November which is exactly a year from when I originally thought that I would have an exhibition.
I am have been designing my own website and it could not be more different to the gallery website. I feel it is more me at my creative/lateral best as opposed to the much slicker gallery approach. My sister says that music on websites is passe but I really want music. I might just limit it to the gallery page so that it plays whilst your browsing through the work there it's on in the background.
I have a workshop tomorrow so I hope that my back does not play up as that will be painful on a whole heap of levels.
If you're snowed in I hope that you're making the most of it, Swanage is a balmy 6 degrees. I went to break the ice on the pond only to see the fish happily swimming in a fully thawed pond.

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