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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Livin' In Da Hood!

I'm not sure that it was the best idea I've ever had. It's alright you can wonder what on earth I am going on about. Getting my hair cut short at the coldest time of the year was not one of my better ideas. I'm not sure that becoming a gallery owner that permanently wears a hood whilst sitting inside the gallery is a very positive advert for the gallery. 'Hoodie in da gallery' that could be my gangster name.
I have totally had my teaching fix this week a workshop on Tuesday and a class this morning. It is a lovely way to spend the day. It's nice to see the kids improving all the time.
I have started to make some kind of a dent in my list of things to do. All I can say trying to work out how I can magic some cash out of thin air should really be at the top of my list. The sooner I learn that particular trick the happier I will be.
I've looked into advertising nationally and it's quite expensive, but there are a few options that are within my price range. So I'll tell you where to look and when.

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