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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Brrrrrrrrilliantly Busy!

I can't quite believe how busy I have been of late. Usually, I have my blog done and dusted by the time I leave the gallery. Recently, I have had two Hopes, Bob and No Hopes. It is obviously a good thing that I have been busy. I had a great day yesterday as I did my first workshop of the year. I love teaching people who are so keen to learn. It is totally different from my old day job. When you had to cajole, bribe, manipulate and sometimes bully to get students to even lift a pencil.
Enthusiastic students really do bring out the best teacher in you, so a big thanks to the members of yesterdays workshop group.
The real reason there was no blog on yesterday was because my internet had done a disappearing act. I have no idea how the good people of Swanage who run internet businesses get on because the broadband drops out more than a 16 year old on the wrong course at college. That happens shockingly more often than you might think. On both counts.
I am looking into how to get some publicity together for my big exhibition in May. I am very lucky to have two very well connected friends shoving me in all the right directions. I'm going national (if I can afford it).
If you are struggling to think of something cheap/free to do in Swanage you should totally come and visit the gallery. I've got heat and I'll even pop the kettle on for you, not to mention the fantastic show that is currently on.
I'm going to go and eat my dinner, but my last thought is if you are doing something that the good people of Swanage etc should know about, then please feel free to contact me and I will help you to promote it. I also have space dedicated to advertising local events at the gallery so come and see me if you think you could use it.
Keep Warm and Keep Smiling!!

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