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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Well if I wasn't an artist I do not think that I could say the following. I have spent the whole day mounting. It is a thoroughly arduous and boring job. But now it's done, I can safely go another 10 years before doing it again. Updating my portfolio incase you were wondering. I suppose it was quite satisfying on one level putting  all my new work in order etc.
I read my artist statement and if there was a prize for pretension and waffly shullbit then I could quite easily win first prize.
I think in retrospect that it is far more just to be honest than to try and big yourself up using artspeak.
Now for news about the Kimmeridge Open Exhibition I have already seen some fantastic potential entries so if you are thinking about entering you had better let me know as I think it is going to fill up fairly quickly.
I have to think about my lists as they seem to be spreading out to my phone, my iPad and my diary. I am a little concerned that what will actually happen is that I won't get as much done. Spreading myself too thin.
I had some visitors to the gallery yesterday who knew it as the bike shop. They could not quite believe the transformation and when I actually think about it neither can I.
I have to say I take it a bit for granted that the gallery looks the way it does now. But when I think back to how it was, I can't believe I did it all.
Day off tomorrow and as usual I have to work. Oh well, I have to earn a crust.

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