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Thursday, 1 March 2012

We 3 Rings From Coventry Are!

If the phone rings before noon I'm not answering it! That would be my mantra if I didn't own my own business. Suffice to say whenever the phone rings I answer it. Even if it is to hang straight up again as the automated voice says 'Many people were wrongly sold PPI ad infinitum!' On the plus side it makes me look like I'm in demand when the phone constantly rings. On the minus side it also looks like I have had a manners bypass when I hang up straight away after cheerfully saying ' Good Morning L'Artishe Gallery'. Oh well, don't sweat the small stuff.
It's gloriously springy outside and guess what? I am still sat in the gallery with my 'new' halogen heaters on full blast. I may or may not have mentioned this before. I used to be fat(ter), how is that relevant you may well ask? When I was more adequately packaged I very rarely felt the cold, now I'm more moderately packaged I'm bloomin' freezing all the time. Ladies, there is a lesson in there somewhere. Maybe I need a blood transfusion from someone from up north as apparently they can be scantily clad all year round regardless of the weather. Or is that an urban myth?
So I have designed my advert for Galleries magazine it only took me several hours. I am working to the fact that the best things come in small (but expensive) packages.
I am going to be doing a Printmaking workshop at Purbeck School in a couple of weeks time. Quite excited about that.
I have designed an interim whet your appetite poster for the Kimmeridge Open, and I'd like to thank Tom Wishart for very kindly letting me use the pictures he's the owner of the photography company One Thousand Words. Follow this link if you are interested.

I suppose that I better get back to it as my lists are not shrinking as quickly as they should.

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