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Monday, 19 March 2012

Selling Art Is Why I am Here!

Well, that was a turn up for the books. Saturday night was so very busy that we ran out of wine and red dots. I have to say I told you so. I did tell you right? I said this show was really good and it is. The amount of sales we had bears witness to that. I have heard about the fact that there are at least another two sales in the offing. I am really happy about that.
You should come and see it before it gets sold out. It is really that good.

If you are interested in meeting the artist at her exhibition she will be gallery sitting tomorrow afternoon, all day Saturday and all day Monday next week. I would suggest it as Wendy has lived such a colourful life you will learn a lot from a chat with her.
I have spent the day doing choredom and I am pleased to say that I have worked my way through my Monday list of things to do. I am reading a book at the moment and it is called something like 'Organize your mind, organize your life'. It basically says that it can help you to stop writing lists and get more than before accomplished. We'll see, I've only managed to read the introduction before I had to stop and write my Monday list of things to do. Seriously, that's what happened!

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