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Monday, 26 March 2012

Spills and Thrills

My Spill was uglier

A week has passed since my last blog. I have not been at the gallery much as Wendy has been gallery sitting. That does not mean that I have been sitting doing naff all. When I'm not working I'm working. I have been decorating at home.
I have been ferrying poorly injured cat to the vets and generally been busy doing stuff. The big black bully cat has just been wreaking havoc in the lives of my cats and my bank balance. Seriously can't afford £200 vet bills. Good job they are all insured.
Wendys show at the gallery continues to be a great success. She is really something she has gallery sat virtually every day and has sold plenty of paintings. I have got to hand it to her you would never ever know that she is very nearly 80. If I have that kind of energy by the time I'm 50 I'll be impressed.
it is now in it's last few days and like always say you really should come and see it before it goes. Don't blame me if you miss it.
I have plenty of sagas that I could bore you with. Like the mushroom soup fiasco. Apparently it is not a good idea to knock it all over your keyboard, mouse, masking tape, stapler etc. I think you get the general idea.
Fast forward one packet of anti bac wipes and a sticky floor later and everything just smells lemony fresh. well I should have shut 10 minutes ago so I'm off.

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