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Friday, 2 March 2012

Lose Your Winter Blues! Enjoy Some Blues!!!

If you are an artist and you get stuck with painters block or any kind of block. You should go and have a chat with Jan Dagley. I had to help her select work for her exhibition at the gallery in April. She has enough work to fill the gallery at least 10 times over. It's crazy, she is one prolific artist. It should be a really great show.
I have been sending so many emails it is just crazy. I have to say mostly people who I have had to contact have been lovely but every so often there is one person who rubs you totally up the wrong way. It is strange how the written word from someone you've never met can do that.
I am going to be the bigger person but that doesn't come easy.
The gallery will be opening up early tomorrow as the Blues Festival is in town and Shirley will be looking after things for me at the gallery.
I am hoping that it will be a beautiful spring day and that the hordes descend on Swanage to enjoy some good music and maybe some art too.

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