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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Little Bit Of Everything

I have tried to get my head around advertising nationally today! There is only so much of my head to go around. I think it may just about be run out. Wow, to think that you can't just write 'Come and see this exhibition it's going to be wicked!!' Apparently, there's a need for words with more than one syllable. I have sent a draft copy to someone who knows about these things and I now await the huge amount of constructive criticism to be heaped upon me. I should add that I don't relish the idea of that much. But I think it is a necessary evil if I am ever going to get good at these things.
To say yesterday was a good day would be an understatement. It just kept getting better. I wrote to the Smedmore Estate to tell them about the Kimmeridge Open Exhibition last week. I got a letter and an email in response and it was all positive. It looks like they are going to help to promote the exhibition and hopefully send a representative to the Private View.
Artists who don't want advertise who decide at the last minute that they do, may actually be shortening my life.  I think that I need to get some terms and conditions written up to get people to sign when they hire the gallery. Any last minute adverts designed by me will incur an additional charge of £75 for my time plus the cost of the advert.
It is also the most tedious of jobs to do. Cramming way too much into a space that is way too small that takes way too long is how would describe the designing of adverts.
On the plus side there is nothing that makes the time pass quite so quickly than swearing at a computer screen and growling when pictures inexplicably move from one place to another with no warning.
So the next exhibition will soon be upon us so let me plug it some more.

This will be a really diverse show spanning a very interesting creative life time. You should make sure that you see it.

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