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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Wendy Wharam Continues To Rock!

I am going to attempt to write my blog in the quickest time ever. I wonder how many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will go uncorrected. My guess is plenty.
Well I am back at the gallery today and I have to say that Wendy has been doing a sterling job of looking after things in my absence. Between her and Shirley I could probably get away with many more days off. Please don't think because I am not technically in the gallery that I am not doing all my gallery related work because I am.

The lady on the left is Wendy and this was taken at her Private View

The sun is shining and I badly want to be outside but I am stuck indoors again. So Wendy sold another three pieces today. She really has had a really successful show. She is so deserving of the positive response that she has received.
This show ends in two days time so if you haven't seen it then I would try and squeeze it into your busy schedule.
I am going to have a regular little slot in a magazine soon which I don't have to pay for which is great. I will let you know more when I have the details.
The other thing that I should mention is that Galleries magazine is out and I hope that if you get your hands on a copy that you will look for my advert.
I have been working on my advert for the Royal Academy magazine today. I am nearly pleased with it. But it may need a few tweaks before I send it off.
I am still fighting a losing battle at the moment that I can't really go into at the moment. But I have decided that I will take the moral high ground and hope that my belief in karma is well founded. I will do good things and be nice to people who are not returning the favour. We shall just have to wait and see what happens.
I hope that those of you who are able to be out enjoying this lovely sun are....and spare a thought for all the office bound bods like myself who will grab the tail end of the day.

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