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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

No Rest For The Wicked!

I Love This Drawing

Day Off!!! What is that then? Apparently the loose translation of that is 'not leaving the house and sending emails and doing computer work in your pyjamas'. My neighbour is banging and crashing downstairs, removing a wall or something equally big.
I thought I'd do a quick blog as it was on the massive list of things that I had written to do. I am not a fan of the depressing RSPCA, Children Dying, Things in general dying adverts on Sky TV though. But no need to worry because for just £2 a month you can reverse all of their fortunes. I am not convinced. The downside of working at home with the television on.
But I am considering my life insurance policy because I really do feel the need for a new Parker pen. I don't think you can ever have enough Parker pens, can you?
I also should let you know that I will have to actually go to work later as I have deadlines that I have to meet and although I would love to continue to lounge around in my comfy pyjamas today is not the day.
I can hear 'Coffee number two' calling me so I'm going to go and make it.
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