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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What Time Is Silly O'clock?

I am now sat down drinking a cup of cranberry and range blossom tea. How very civilised of me. That does not remotely reflect the kind of day I have had. I've told you all about the poorly cat well my well cat has started to wind the poorly one up just for fun. That's just not nice but apparently he thinks miaowing outside the door that Merlin is trapped behind is somehow going to help. He is very wrong.
I am totally over sleepless nights. The other thing is I seem to be spending my life waiting for people that never come or who are so ridiculously late that their original arrival time could technically be classed as the day after.
The blind man never showed up even though I was up at silly o'clock to let him in. I am worried that he may have an issue remembering things. I am going to suggest writing things down maybe in some form of list! I hope that is not wasted on you. The cooker did turn up after they phoned me at silly o'clock to confirm its delivery. Just clarify what time silly o'clock actually is. It is ANY time that I am actually asleep when the phone rings. I think that you now get the picture.
At the gallery Jan Dagley brought me enough work to have a one woman show in one of the rooms at the Tate Gallery. I am not sure where she thinks I am going to put them. I told her straight today I will not over hang!!! By that I mean less is more, if you make the stupid mistake to fill every available space you will find a dark gloomy gallery with a deeply oppressive vibe going on.
So yesterday I told you how mushroom soup and modern technology is not a match made in heaven. Still true today. For some reason best known to the deities I managed to spill a jar of bright orange white spirit everywhere this morning. Firstly, I have no idea why it was bright orange and secondly why is it so bloomin' greasy? Very annoying.
Wendy was at the gallery for the afternoon whilst I continued to paint and cat sit. She will be there all day tomorrow and I will be working on Thursday and she's doing Friday and Saturday. If you fancy coming along this weekend you should as she will be there to answer any questions that you might have.

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