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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Have I Mentioned The Night Market.....?

I have been very busy therefore I have been very quiet. I love teaching workshops that is why I have been busy. I am actually fully booked for the next couple of weeks. Printmaking this week and papermaking and watercolour next week. If you fancy learning a skill or honing an old one I will be here teaching all next week.
That is all good money in the bank, my bank manager is furiously mopping his brow at the moment. It's been a tough but good summer so far. I am not sure whether it's the weather, the olympics or the recession but Swanage is quiet. Don't stay away...unless you have seen the queue for the ferry and have decided that life's too short, if that is the case I completely understand. I only tolerate the queuing because I live here.
I want to remind you about the night market this Friday. I have reposted it so many times on Facebook that I think they might start charging me advertising rates. I have some great stuff to sell you at very reasonable prices.
Please do pop in and see me if you are out and about in Swanage.

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