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Monday, 27 August 2012

Enjoy Your Bank Holiday Monday

It is very hard to write a blog when you spend the day teaching. You are left without much time or energy to write anything.
Question: Why do people always want to buy the picture that has already sold?
It is a cruel fact that I am all to aware of. This is the reality, I guess that a great painting is exactly that, a great painting.
I have spoken before about the fact that people come to the gallery and tell me that I am never open when they come to visit.
I still find this hard to believe as I am only closed for two days a week. It is crazy.
It's Bank Holiday Monday and I am open and there have been a few people through the door so not a waste of time at all.
Kitty and Sally have one day to go so if you haven't managed to see it yet then try and pop in before it finishes which will be at end of business tomorrow.
New exhibition will start on Saturday so please come and see it.

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