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Friday, 17 August 2012

Sheila and Tony Popped In to Say 'Hi'

I have been slaving away all day trying to whip my website into shape. It has been at the top of my list of things to do for nearly six solid months. Isn't it funny that today I managed to get on and do it? The question you should now be asking yourself is what should I have been doing? I have readily admitted in the past that I am the Queen of Procrastination. If my website has suddenly become a priority then what else have I put off. I am going to leave you guessing.
I had a lovely visit from Sheila Girling and Tony Caro today. They just popped in to say 'Hi'. What world am I now living in, that, that can happen? I am not entirely sure but I am glad to be living in it.
We spent a pleasant while discussing a variety of subjects including the Olympics, the weather and obviously the gallery.
It's always nice to see friendly faces.
I might have mentioned once or twice that there is a night market on tonight at the Legion. Well, guess what? Tonight is the night. Please try and come and support us if you are local. We are really trying to offer people some alternative fun Friday night entertainment and if I haven't mentioned this before the drinks are really, really cheap.
Get drunk and buy stuff you know it makes sense.
Now I have spoken about the exhibition that is happening after the ladies, which is Graeme P the photographic artist.
I now want to tell you a little about Josh Hollingshead. He is a very talented painter who works on such a large scale that every picture I could possibly show you will not do them justice. He is young, gifted and white. I had to do that, I just cannot help myself. If seeing is believing then I believe you know what to do....come to his Private View and see for yourself.

If you have plans for the weekend I hope that you have a great one and if not come to Swanage we will always be pleased to see you.

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