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Saturday, 1 September 2012

At The End Of The Day

If you are wondering where I have been then the answer is nowhere. I have just been busy doing a variety of gallery related things that have made me too busy to write my blog.
I hope that you have all had a good Bank Holiday, it is always nice to have a short week when you get Monday off. Although as you know I was working.
It has been a strange week as I have had some fairly strange things happen. An angry person wanting to rip their work off the walls. Being called greedy for wanting 35% commission. Oh they should try running an art gallery in a recession. They would probably be charging 50% on sales if not more.
But no more whining it's Saturday and the sun is out.
I have Graeme P's exhibition up now and it has been attracting lots of window smudgers. That same old story of the open door that nobody wants to walk through. there are some really good pictures in this show that have been made using a variety of very interesting techniques.
It's picked up a little since I started writing this so let's hope that it continues to.
If you hear someone say a certain phrase more than 100 times in one day does that allow you to poke them in the eye?
Let me know what you think.
Some workshops are coming up this week and next week and there's room for few more if you are interested get in touch. Papermaking and printmaking are what are what is on offer.

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