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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Josh Hollingshead Continues To Wow Visitors

Back again, it just keeps happening. I was busy doing a printmaking workshop which I have to say went very well. 
Then again I probably say that about them all, I do love teaching so it is a very pleasant way to spend the day.
I am sorry to report that every single last halogen heater that I have bought has died. So what? Well in the autumn chill that is falling upon us I am missing them dreadfully. I have been trying to source replacements but the truth is that they are all a bit rubbish and I may well have to bite the bullet and get some heating fitted.
You know how I am always moaning about how rubbish BT are.... well they are. But in true contradictory fashion they have actually done something good for me today. They have given me my broadband package and a new hub for £16 a month with 2 months free broadband and 2 months free line rental.
I am very pleased with that as I was paying £10 more a month for broadband. make the most of this praise of BT because it will not probably be happening again any time soon. 
I also have had a quote about replacing my front window! Bang!!! There goes my holiday!
So it's the PV for this show at the weekend and I really hope that as many of you as possible try to attend. It should be good. Come and meet the artist and have a glass of wine.
Josh has had one of his paintings selected for the Chichester Open and the same painting has been nominated for a prize which is truly excellent news. He is definitely someone to watch. I believe he is capable of great things.

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