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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

If You Have Not Seen, It Why Not?

Josh Hollingshead

A catalogue full of minor and major irritations is how would describe the way my day went yesterday. It all started with leaving the house and went steadily down hill from there. I had to pay for my camper van yesterday it is all up and running. That's great! What wasn't so great was when I went outside to get in my car to drive to the garage to pay for it. My car wasn't there. No, it hadn't been stolen it had been sensibly left in town on Saturday night. So a nice jog to work for me.
I also found out yesterday that I have been conned by my electricity board into a 4 year contract. They are total B words.
My windows that I lovingly cleaned on saturday were so dirty that you could hardly see through them. Thanks to the great British weather for that.

On a more positive note the PVwent well, I would have liked more people then don't I always say that. It was catered and I have to say that Trina did an absolutely fantastic job and I was so impressed that I want her to do the for for my PV which she has very kindly agreed to do. If you have never eaten her food before then you really will have to come along and try it.
It continues to be busy at the gallery despite the less than clement weather. Thanks to all that brave the elements to come and see the new exhibition.
We have had the late addition of some large scale drawings that are really interesting and as soon as I have titles and prices then I will get them out on display.
Something new for you to look at.

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