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Monday, 17 September 2012

Josh Hollingshead At The Gallery Now!

The little guy is how I feel when stood next to Josh's Paintings.

I told you that they were big didn't I? Well they are the biggest pictures that I have ever hung. We could only fit 7 in, just. It was a tight squeeze. But does it look good? It looks amazing.
Luckily, I had Josh there to help me because there is no way I could have hung this exhibition on my own. If you want to be amazed then come and see it. It is truly epic and I can't wait to spend some real time looking at it.
I am thinking about running a competition as one of the pictures is of a gallery and it is filled with tiny reproductions of famous paintings.
The person who gets the most will win a bottle of wine.
I will be open tomorrow, but if you fancy a glass of wine and a shmooze then come along on Saturday to the P.V.
I have still got a ton of work to do and I have bought it home with me to do as people kept interrupting me.
But I just had to let you know how it went. I totally notice the difference when I don't write my blog. My readers all but disappear, but as you know there is just me at the gallery and I do everything.
Tomorrow I am teaching a printmaking workshop so another busy day ahead. If there is an absence of blog you will know why.

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