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Friday, 28 September 2012

Time Goes By.....Very Slowly

I have set myself a target for todays blog and you will have to guess what it is as I am not going tell you. Last week I was singing the praises of a certain telephone service supplier. I am no longer singing their praises, I am still waiting for my new hub.
It's fine, it's only three days late. There are days that pass really quickly then there's today. I got in and busied myself doing the usual chores. But managed to have them all finished by 11.50 how is that even possible? That was with interruptions so by my reckoning it will take at least 3 days 2 hours and 53 minutes and 24 seconds until the end of my day.
I will have to get on and do something new so that I can distract myself from clock watching.
Taking delivery of some of the next exhibition so that will be a Christmas like experience for me. It always is. The unwrapping of work that I have only seen jpegs of. They never do the work justice so I am always happy when I get the new work.
Josh has just got some other paintings accepted to another big open exhibition this is really good news. Especially for the those who were lucky enough to have bought some of his early pieces. I am convinced that they can only accrue in value.
So congratulations to him and let's hope that he goes from strength to strength.

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