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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Naked Birds

A while ago I told you that I was going to start writing to artists to try and get them involved in future projects well that is what I have been doing today. I am on a roll and I intend to get a lot more written before the end of today.
I am not however, going to hold my breath, as my own imminent death is not on my list of things to do. It is however an opportunity for artists to give something back to the people who made them famous in the first place.
I have placed the moral ball firmly in their court now. I will obviously keep you updated on how I get on but for now I will keep the names out of my blog as it won't get me anywhere to start talking about them just yet.
On a completely different note, I am forever struggling to get current exhibitors to do what they said they would do. I know that it is difficult and how year long deadlines suddenly loom like they were only set last week. But seriously people you have to do your jobs so that I can do mine.
If you like drawing why not go and draw something today and think about entering into the Drawing Open that will be taking place at the gallery in April.
You will hopefully be in good company. I may even submit a drawing myself. Who knows. I do have to get my act together for my own exhibition in March and the working title for that is 'Naked Birds'. So if you fancy coming along and ogling some naked birds then you know where to be and when.
I hope that you are managing to enjoy this late summer sun. Better late than never I suppose, you try telling that to all the school children and teachers who are all heading back to work in the glorious sunshine.
I am going to get back to my groveling letter writing. They are not too brown nosed, just sufficient to communicate that their work is brilliant (ish).

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