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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How Big Is Too Big?

So my appeal for a 28 hour day failed miserably, subsequently I haven't been able to cram my blog into my average 24 hour day. I do not even know how people manage to do it everyday. Blog that is. When I first opened the gallery somehow I found the time and now I don't seem to.
I wish my busyness was a clear reflection of my income. May be in the next life it will be.

Let's talk about Mark Harris. He put a body of work together that was so impressive and people clearly thought the same. The feedback has all been positive.
The most common comment 'Does he always work so big?'. I can tell you now that his desire is to work bigger. He is true to his art and that means no compromise. The question is do you think that he should work smaller to take in consideration peoples homes and available space?

This is such a contentious issue and it isn't the first time I have come across it. Remember Josh Hollingshead another artist that I really rate. He paints these terrifically big images. They are not destined for someones lounge. I should also inform you that his new work would take up the majority of a wall in my gallery. His desire is to work on an immense scale.

Are these artists cutting off their nose despite their face? Should they live in the real world and start producing bite sized chunks that are easily digestible and hung over the mantlepiece? I welcome your input on this subject.

I am not sure that an artist should minimise his work in order to fit in to someones home. But.....and it is a big fat hairy one. In order to have commercial viability should it be a consideration?
I have to say with regard to Marks work I do not think that the physicality that is apparent in his work could be achieved on a smaller scale. You have to see the sweeping brushstrokes to get the feel for it.

How big is too big? The truth is that our homes are full of the ephemera of our own existence. (Notice how I made clutter sound posh). This being said unless you are lucky to live in a warehouse loft apartment or a 5 bedrooms+ house there's a good chance that you will struggle to do a large image justice.

In my own home I have one wall that has only one image on it and it takes up the whole wall. It is the most perfect wall in the entire house. Everything else has some space but not in the same league.

So I have come to an end, but feel free to give me any feedback as I think this is good subject to debate.

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