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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Word Works Opening Event Saturday 29th March from 3.00 - 5.00

When did Wednesday become the new Monday! I had to hit the ground running today otherwise I would have been swallowed whole by the monster that is my 'To Do' List. It was all made considerably less straightforward as I had no internet first thing.

I hate how horribly reliant I am on it, for sorting my entire life out. I can have several 'virtual' breakdowns a day when it fails to behave itself.

I have had lots of last minute entries to the Words Works Open and I am pleased to announce that the entries so far have been of a very high standard. I always worry about whether or not enough people will enter but it seems that I should just chill out and allow things to happen at their own pace. As this involves waiting for artists to get their acts together a self induced coma might be more appropriate.

The gallery is making small waves in big places and it is nice to know that people much further South and North have it popping up on their Artdar! Can I use that newly made up word? too late I already have.

I had an unexpected day out of the gallery yesterday. It was one of the first times in the history of the gallery that my outside the gallery life impacted on my inside the gallery life.
I usually suffer from the exact opposite. The weekly shopping trip is hijacked to buy provisions for Private Views. Conversations interrupted by my phone pinging the arrival of a work email, that of course I can't ignore.
My days off spent visiting artists at home, I think you get the picture.

In case you were in any doubt, of course my absence caused such concern that I had several messages blinking at me on my answer machine. Voicemails on my work mobile and several emails. So I am back at work today and my phone hasn't rung and I have not received one email.

There is a law and I think it is known in certain circles as 'The Law of Sod'. It is nice however to be missed.

Tomorrow I will mostly be making books for the show next week. Wow, I've left that late. Must be an artist or something.

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