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Sunday, 3 June 2012

7 Days Without A Break!

No blog yesterday due to it being really blooming busy at the gallery. Third busiest day ever at the gallery. Nice visitors throughout the day.
It was a steady flow all day. The sun has just come out so I hope that means that people will be venturing out and hopefully popping in to see me.
I have to admit I have worked 7 days straight without a day off and it is starting to wear thin. I am longing for a lie in and a day that does not involve coming to work.
I have got a couple of days off this week but I am going to have to get a little help from my friends as Shirley my regular gallery sitter is ill. So let's all wish her a speedy recovery.
I had my first confirmed booking for three weeks in July next year yesterday. I am very pleased about that, not telling you who it is though. I shall be busily booking in new people in the next few months some of which I might tell you about and others that I will keep under my hat.
Not much else to report on the gallery front. I hope that you have got some great things planned for this long weekend. I will mostly be living vicariously through my many friends who are going to be out enjoying themselves.

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