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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kimmeridge Open Exhibition

Back at the gallery and all is quiet. I love dogs, there I've said it I really do love dogs even though I am a cat owner. Or should I say that I am owned by my three cats. Probably more accurate to say that. So the next thing I have to say is that I hate dog owners. Well, not all dog owners just the ones who let their much loved pooches deposit their number twos right in front of my door. I know I have spoken before about my work being like a perverse form of Hop Scotch substitute the word Scotch with Poop and you'd be about right.
Whilst I fully acknowledge that there is no accurate way to determine exactly when they are going make that particular deposit it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that it is adequately cleared up.
Here endeth my rant.
I have been working my way through my lis of things to and my next one is to start posting my blog on my website. I will continue to post this blog but I will be copying it onto my blog in an attempt to raise my Google profile by my I mean the gallerys'.
I have got to remind you that the current exhibition ends this weekend. The next one start at the end of next week so I will get a few well earned days off to get my walls ready for the next onslaught.

A gentle reminder that if you want to enter this exhibition you should get in touch soon and let me know.

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