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Friday, 15 June 2012

I Need To Get A Grip!

I have spent the best part of the morning trying to get things done and all of my attempts have been futile. There are days when you are in the zone and then there are days like today. You start jobs and then realize halfway through that you have not actually got the necessary powers of concentration to see the task through. That is me today. I am annoyed as I really could do with getting all of these jobs out the way so that I can focus on making some paper and doing my own work.
Maybe I am approaching this all the wrong way round, maybe I need to make the paper first then try and refocus my efforts?
Well, the south west wasn't washed away last night as the weathermen predicted which is lucky. In fact Swanage today is basking in glorious sunshine. Is it too little too late in terms of visitors I'm not sure. If I didn't live here and I read the weather reports for today I wouldn't have dared take the risk of being washed away in a torrent of flood water either.
If you ask a Swanage local about the weather here I would bet you that within the first two minutes of that conversation you would hear the words 'micro climate' mentioned. We are a town obsessed with the fact that whatever weather is predicted for here is invariably wrong because we have our own micro climate. 
I would love to see my theory in action, next time you are here ask a local about the weather in Swanage and let me know how you get on.
Gallery news, well there isn't much to tell really as it has been very quiet and I have been sat here trying to compose speculative letters in longhand which has resulted in multiple crossings outs and and several sighs of defeat.
Now I have had my third coffee I may well be able to do a bit more this afternoon.
It's the last day of Sheila Girlings exhibition tomorrow so if you have not seen it then you should definitely try before it goes.

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