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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Here Today But Gone Tomorrow!

If you thought that I was being lazy not writing a blog yesterday the truth I was not. You would have thought that the internet would be wide open as everyone was out celebrating the Jubilee. I am not sure if it was some crazy police thing but my internet was dropping out at approximately every 2 minutes making it impossible to do virtually anything.
It is now back and I have to say I am incredibly happy about it as a day without the internet at the gallery is the absolute epitome of boredom.
Sheila and Tony popped in today to say their goodbyes as they are heading back to the big smoke. I think that she is really pleased about how it has all gone so far and she said that it made a nice change to see her work in a completely different setting.
I am a little annoyed about maps and numbers today. It is very frustrating to over hear people saying the gallery is not on the map. A little cryptic I know, but those in the know will understand completely what it is I am talking about.
I am sure that I will be able sing a different song next year so I shall look forward to that.
I am leaving the gallery in the very capable hands of my in house photographer Murray tomorrow and my friend Tom on Thursday.
I have just found out that I may well have to wave goodbye to my old blog and incorporate a new one on my actual website. I am going to do some research and get back to you on that.
Tom has just made me update my Google places info so that I can be found more easily when searching for gallery space hire.
Well the rain has kept people away in droves today which is little depressing but after the busiest day ever at the gallery yesterday I don't really mind.
I hope that you are all enjoying the whole Jubilee thing. You can all think of me tomorrow when you are heading back to the office and I am waking up at the Hilton.

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